Luxe Films for years has pushed the boundaries on laminates, with a special focus in Packaging (Folding Carton and Rigid) by pursuing Brands, Agencies, and the Printer themselves. Recently, it has come to light that there may be other areas of opportunity within Labels and Pack to leverage these unique products for a completely different finish and consumer experience.

Flexible Packaging is in a world of its own, having just really started to offer matte finishes – at a premium to gloss pricing. The issue is that these are typically coupled with dark colored artwork, and when you consider that stand up pouches or bags are utilized in a shelf environment, some of these can look pretty bad by the time they go through forming/filling/sealing, and the consumer grabs them off the shelf. Furthermore to compound this, the dyne level must be high for any type of over decorating embellishments, and it is difficult to find a matte product with consistently high dyne levels. At Luxe Films, we offer the most innovative products, including our ScuffProof Matte, Karess Softouch matte, and other textured surfaces – all designed to make the product stand out in a crowded shelf of “me-toos”. The richness of brand colors comes through well on our Karess products, due to the clearest extrusion capabilities ensuring that a logo color never gets significantly mitigated by the “matteness” of the laminate layer. All of this, with a standard solventless adhesive laydown, and guaranteed color resolution combine to make truly a unique offering to your boutique flexible customers.

In the label market, things are also progressing nicely. WE have brought on several new clients such as Best Label in Cerritos, CA, utilizing UV or LED curing technology on all of our clear Platinum and Luxe Laminates. Although ideally these are meant to be applied using a heated nip roller, since those are so rare in the label market, our laminate glues and finishes have been adapted to the glue curing types mentioned above. In addition, we have done significant testing at some of the largest players in the industry with stellar results – Hub Label, MCC, and ILS to name a few. This allows label companies who have traditionally run self-wound or virgin base film products in gloss and matte only, the flexibility to offer many different finishes, with low thresholds and competitive pricing. In the label market, where typically a matte is 3X that of a gloss self-wound, Luxe standard matte is only about 10-20% above. Many have been surprised at the availability of sizes – without being required to utilize a full web – ranging from 2” up to 76” for nearly any label setup.

If you would like to learn more about these unique products, please visit or to inquire about availability or testing in your specific application.

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