Lamination is used across many different markets in the print industry. From dog food packaging and cosmetics to menus and software packaging, we are seeing lamination films used more and more frequently. What makes lamination so popular? And why are we seeing it more often? Below are the top 8 reasons printed materials need lamination.

Enhance – Premium lamination makes color more vivid, helping branded folded cartons, flexible packaging or labels stand out on a crowded retail shelf or inside the brown box on your doorstep.

Durability – Some laminate films such as LuxeFilms® ScuffProof® and Karess® SmudgeProof are engineered to protect a printed piece from rigorous handling and friction. Lamination also adds tear resistance providing increased security to the item inside the package.

Protection – Some digital inks are soft and can be easily scratched and scuffed. A laminate layer gives ink protection, so the messaging and branding are not compromised.

Cleanliness – Protect graphics from abrasion, chemicals and UV exposure. With lamination, wipe printed pieces with non-abrasive cleaners to help stop the spread of germs.

Allure – Add a variety of tactile and visual finishes through the application of thermal laminates. LuxeFilms Specialty Laminates such as Rainbow Holografik, add a stunning spectral of color and FineLinen enhances images with the look and feel of fine European cloth.

Rigidity – Lamination adds structural strength, durability and thickness. Great for high use items such as menus and ID badges.

Versatility – Certain films are compatible to embellishments, such as spot UV, emobossing or foil. In addition, many can also be glued, die-cut or perforated.

Cost Effective – When compared with UV coating, lamination is a cost-effective alternative due to reduced setup time and no clean up time. Additional savings come from being able to use thinner stocks of paper, that lamination builds back up.

More than ever, a need exists to catch a consumer’s attention quickly. Using specialty lamination films increases the allure of your printed materials by engaging multiple senses including sight and touch. Paired with all the other benefits such as increased durability, protection and versatility, it is clear you cannot go wrong with modern lamination.

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