When you’re in need of a replacement laminator for your office or school and your budgetary options are limited, it’s best to do some research before making a snap decision. The final choice shouldn’t be made before addressing these important points regarding your roll laminating machine.

Determine The Kind of Film Being Purchased

Depending on the quantity of existing film in your office or school’s supply, you may want to steer towards purchasing a laminator that can use this film already in your inventory. Be sure to collect the right specifications, including the film thickness, roll width, and core size to properly align your old film with the new machine.

Machines can come with regulations of their own, fitting only certain film roll sizes. They range anywhere from 1.5 mil – 10 mil, while the widths often fall somewhere around the 25”- 27” scale. However, there can always be exceptions, so verifying this information is crucial to finding the right replacement machine.

Consider How Often the Laminator is Used

Though a limited budget can reduce your options, it’s worth noting how often your office or school’s laminator is used. Ensure that you’ll be getting a great return on your investment by considering some basic questions. Did the previous laminator get used extensively? Does it require the ability to handle a heavy workload? Though your budget may currently be small, paying for an upgrade on a laminator now to ensure its longer lifespan in your workspace can pay off later when you don’t have to buy another model to cover the one that didn’t meet expectations.

Asking the right questions and considering the faults of your old laminator can lead you down the right path toward a more productive and fulfilling roll laminator.