When your project is in need of a professional touch, a respectable finish can work wonders for its credibility. However, how do you choose which finish to use as a covering, the matte or the gloss?

Regardless of which you choose, both matte pouches and glossy laminating finishes come out clear and precise. The printed images and written text of your project are completely visible through the exterior coating, so the only difference is the alteration in its appearance.

While the matte option presents a cloudy appearance that absorbs light, the shiny, high-gloss variety reflects the light and makes it appear as though your project is encased in smooth plastic. (Colored films are available for use as well, such as solid white or black, working best as the backsides of images since they appear opaque in style.)

So which works better? It depends on the nature of your project.

Glossy laminated finishes are best utilized for everyday handled items such as book covers, bookmarks, badges, restaurant menus and study materials. Meanwhile, the matte film finish is more often called upon for images or store signs set underneath direct lighting.

Since matte finishes absorb light, they work best for deflecting any glare from harsh lighting, making signs or images more visible from any distance or angle. However, the finish itself can easily be scratched or scuffed by excessive use, making the glossy option more suitable for items that are consistently handled in day-to-day operations.

Once you understand the intent of your project, choosing a matte or gloss finish will become a simple decision.