By Wikipedia’s definition, “foil stamping is a printing method of relief printing in which pre-dried ink or foils are transferred to a surface at high temperatures. The non-polluting method has diversified since its rise to prominence in the 19th century to include a variety of colors and processes. 

According to us, foil stamping is an inexpensive way to jazz up your printed materials and make them stand out. Foil stamping is an affordable way to adds a very high-end, classy touch to your packaging or print jobs. 

Foil adds an element of quality and a high end feel to any printed piece. Foil comes in a wide range of colors and finishes, including pearlescent and fluorescent, brightly colored gloss and metallics. With such a variety of options available there are countless creative possibilities! 

There are many applications for foil including:

Colored paper stock with foil, no printing 

Presentation folders and business cards, bottle neckers and shelf talkers.

Full color printed design with foil highlights

Like Spot-UV, foil reflects light in a captivating way, for maximum impact! This will turn heads.

Pair with embossing for added flair

These two effects are often used together for high-end pieces.

Pair with tag stringing or die-cutting to create foil bottle neckers, cones, tags, or wobblers

Foil is shiny, multi-purpose, and fun! Try using foil for your next marketing initiative. 

Foil is used extensively in beverage marketing products

  • Snap-In Shelf Talkers
  • Shelf Wobblers
  • Shelf Flags
  • Sell Sheets
  • Table Tents 
  • Die-Cut Bottle Neckers
  • String-Tied Bottle Neckers
  • Cone Bottle Neckers
  • Sticky Shelf Talkers 

Get the most out of foil stamping: 

Bundling – Reduce setup costs and order a higher volume at once to reduce the cost per unit. 

It’s all in the details – Although it is possible to get quite detailed with foil, it is better and more cost-effective to use ink for paragraph text and detailed line art. 

Reuse your die – It’s possible to design your foil die so the same die can be used on multiple pieces. 

Go smooth – Foil adheres well on good, smooth surfaces like coated sheets

Go all out – Add embossing to your foil stamping for a truly outstanding look and feel.