Month: February 2017

Personalize the Package – Make it Fly Off the Shelf!

A trend that has evolved out of the ‘me’ generation of the modern-day world is the desire for personalization. With an outlet of social media being constantly used for self-expression, the self trend has greatly increased. From a commercial perspective, let’s take a look at two personalized ad campaigns that recently rocked the marketing and packaging world – Coca-Cola and Oreo. “Taking personalization to an unprecedented level, the campaign became a runaway success…” Coca-Cola has spent 100 years successfully flaunting its iconic red and white bottles. However, in recent years the firm has seen sales of their sweet drinks...

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4 Printing Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Design

Designers everywhere know that creating an image on a screen is only half the process of creating a suitable business logo or brand label. The printing process needs to be properly handled as well, and this is often where mishaps can occur. Understanding printing techniques is crucial to making the right calls when it comes to a final product, and here we describe some of the more recent printing trends making their way into the hands of industry leaders. Personalizing Digital Products Digital printing isn’t new, but incorporating personal techniques is fast becoming a new way to market brand...

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The Power of Packaging

It’s boxed or it’s bagged. It’s plain or it’s wrapped. It’s taped or it’s glued. What does your package look like? Any place you shop, whether it be a grocery store, a department store, or even an online retailer, nearly every product comes in a package, noticeable or not. The moment you step over that threshold into the world of consumer purchasing, there are millions of products waiting to captivate your desire and then your grasp. For example, in a grocery store alone, during a typical thirty-minute shopping spree, there are over 20,000 competing products awaiting your purchase. So,...

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The Benefits of Lamination

Those in the print market understand the importance of lamination for certain marketing materials, adding various benefits to every project. From safety measures to a professional finish, the idea of lamination is far more modern than many even realize. Here are a few modern ways to benefit from the process of lamination. Added Protection Laminating products can ensure the safety and reusability of materials. It protects from scratches, spills, fingerprints, tears, etc. that can be highly useful for menus and brochures that see a lot of traffic. A Distinctive Look Designs pop with the added inclusion of glossy lamination....

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What machine do I need to do Sleeking™ and SHR?

For Sleeking™ or Silver Halide Replacement (SHR) photo production, the Protopic™ III-540 Dual is an outstanding on-demand laminator. The Protopic™ III-540 Dual Photo features a high-gloss chrome roller for heating and bonding of thermal laminates. The easy-to-use control center features 13 job memory programs for automatic temperature and speed setup on specific jobs. The roller has a highly accurate temperature sensor for heat control. The unit features the Lay and Play™ table for simplified feeding, which automatically adjusts the gap for stock overlap. On the delivery side, the separator (also known as the bursting unit), ensures smooth and seamless...

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