Month: October 2017

10 Tips on How to Become a More Creative Graphic Designer

In the design world, graphic designing combines both technology and creativity. The role makes one responsible for coming up with ideas for advertisements, brochures, and other marketing materials. Many get into positions where they are designing books, logos, web pages, typography, packaging, and more. Overall, the main goal of the graphic designer is to convey a message to his/her customer, using artistic techniques to build a strong brand image and add the creative element to a product or service. Becoming a creative graphic designer requires melding both analytical skills and the insightful mind, using knowledge and innovation to implement...

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Tips for Achieving Perfect Prints Through the Sleeking Process

The process of Sleeking has introduced an entirely new element of design including laminating finishes for the printing industry. It offers a wide arrangement of optical effects, paired with engaging tactile film layers, with the use of just one laminator in-house to form a simple yet beautiful product. With such an easy solution at your disposal, you can transform regular digital prints into works of art that make an impact. These aesthetically-pleasing prints mimic the traditional process of print work, for only a fraction of the cost. Sleeking provides a wider variety of scalable options as well, able to perform both short...

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Paper Inspiration – Best Dutch Book Design Catalogue 2016

Choosing the right binding option doesn’t just allow you to keep a bunch of pages together, it enables you to create a strong first impression. And in the case of this week’s video, it helped put a winning face on the 2016 Best Dutch Book Designs catalogue. Actually, 33 different faces. With an egalitarianism you don’t often find in design awards these days, the catalogue’s designers, Beukers Scholma, did away with page numbers and ensured that each of the 33 winners received an opportunity to be “on the cover.” No, we’re not talking about the miracles of variable-data printing...

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The Reality of Packaging Theft

With the onset of online retail shopping has emerged a problem that grows larger by the day: package theft. While going to your local mall and doing personal shopping means never leaving your purchases out of your sight, having items shipped to your home while you’re away leaves them unprotected and ripe for the taking. This issue becomes worse during the holiday season, of course, but it can be a year-round struggle, with over 23 million customers affected by packages carried off right at their doorstep. Here are some recent data numbers collected by a survey of over 1,000...

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Paper Inspiration – Love of Type Holiday Promo Package

“The goal of the project was to create an object that is both elegant and precious, yet ephemeral.” – Petre Spassov, PS Design Feel that slight chill on the back of your neck just behind the summer’s blistering temps? That’s the avalanche of banal corporate greetings headed your way in just a few months time in all of its yawn-inducing glory. Determined not to be lost in the green-and-red slush pile, designer Petre Spassov of PS Design crafted this fun and interactive gift box with a stylish surprise inside. “Tell us about the surprise,” you ask. Sorry, first we...

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