Month: May 2018

Why Do Global Brands Laminate Folding Cartons?

Many top brands now use laminates to create eye-grabbing packaging, blending tactile films and new finishing techniques to enthrall the consumer and better protect the finished carton ATTRACT ATTENTION & INCREASE SALES New finishing techniques and film laminates are allowing brands to create stunning tactile and visual effects.  Designed to allure at the shelf, marketers are realizing the potential of special effects such as holography, simulated linen, soft-feeling films, Fresnel lens films, metalized surfaces and much more.  Savvy companies are also learning that combining multiple effects on one package attracts even more attention.  New effects also include engraved films,...

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Advantages to Laminate Film

-Eliminates folding and cracking issues -Adds structural strength allowing for thinner board weights -Gloss laminate enhances color rendering -ScuffProof Laminate is a complete solution for scuffing and burnishing -Excellent for barrier films inside of packaging -Nearly all of our laminates are Glueable, Stampable, and can be spot finished -Nearly all films can be diecut, folded and embossed -Increases display time due to resistance to water & wax -Karess eliminates any glare for P.O.P. Displays in direct light -Eliminates the need for slip sheets & shrink packaging -Outstanding for protecting soft digital...

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Print a Perfect Rich Black – Every Time

Looking back many years to when I first started in graphic design, I recall how  black turned out to be the most perplexing of all the colors. Frankly, this came as a surprise because it seemed to me that it should be the most simple. Just hit the Black button and you have black right? Well it turned out I was quite wrong, and this cost me some money and caused me some embarrassment. I had designed a beautiful luxury mailer for a client which was mostly black + images. The proofs from the printer looked great (done digitally),...

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New Laminating Applications for Label Printers

These days, options for print labeling are expanding, producing a variety of creative touches to make your labels outshine others on the market. Laminating applications like soft-touch, scuff-proof, linen, holographic, and more are all available to put your finest labels on display. Read on to discover some of the latest laminating techniques and applications to hit the industry. SoftTouch: The term “soft touch” refers to a finishing method that incorporates a velvety-soft feel to print materials. While many design elements in the industry pertain to ideas that appeal to one’s sight, the addition of a soft touch finish allows...

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