Month: September 2017

Discovering the Differences in Laminating Film Finishes

When your project needs a glamorous exterior, adding a laminated finish can give it a polished, more refined look. Here are the various types of laminating film finishes to choose from when you’re hoping to achieve a more professional style. Matte Finish: Perfect for brightly-lit environments where your text or images won’t be overpowered by glaring light, this non-reflective method gives a sophisticated edge that’s also easily readable from all distances. Satin Finish: Working as a middle-ground between the dull matte and the high gloss, this medium-level finish can be the answer to adding some texture without overwhelming the...

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Where to Start When Replacing an Office or School Roll Laminator

When you’re in need of a replacement laminator for your office or school and your budgetary options are limited, it’s best to do some research before making a snap decision. The final choice shouldn’t be made before addressing these important points regarding your roll laminating machine. Determine The Kind of Film Being Purchased Depending on the quantity of existing film in your office or school’s supply, you may want to steer towards purchasing a laminator that can use this film already in your inventory. Be sure to collect the right specifications, including the film thickness, roll width, and core...

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Matte or Gloss: Choosing the Right Laminating Film Finish

When your project is in need of a professional touch, a respectable finish can work wonders for its credibility. However, how do you choose which finish to use as a covering, the matte or the gloss? Regardless of which you choose, both matte pouches and glossy laminating finishes come out clear and precise. The printed images and written text of your project are completely visible through the exterior coating, so the only difference is the alteration in its appearance. While the matte option presents a cloudy appearance that absorbs light, the shiny, high-gloss variety reflects the light and makes...

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Is Foil and Laminated Packaging the Recipe for Success?

A new study from Package InSight at the research institution, Clemson University, has revealed the great influence that foil and laminate packing can have on consumers. Indeed, it has been discovered that customers who were looking to buy luxury chocolate preferred packaging that had foil or laminate designs. This fresh and novel study carried out at the Clemson University CUshop Consumer Experience Laboratory used 70 participants to simulate shopping for luxury chocolates in a retail environment. To see their response to metallic packaging on the shelves, each shopper wore a pair of glasses with innovative tracking technology. This would...

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Properly Order Roll Laminating Film Using These 5 Key Terms

When it comes to getting a project done right, you want to know you’ve ordered the proper materials to handle the job. If you’re uncertain about which direction to turn when ordering roll laminating film, use these five helpful key terms to determine what you need to successfully complete your project. 1. Core Size Make sure to measure the interior core of the laminating film to determine what sizes will fit around your machine’s mandrel. This core works to hold the film in place, like that of a roll of paper towels or toilet paper. 2. Film Finish Two...

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