Author: Jeff Truan

Consumers Say: Make Packaging Eco-Friendly

Want a new way to market your products to happy customers? Put your products in eco-friendly containers, say consumers. Over 64% of customers recently surveyed stated that packaging should be made of environmentally-friendly materials, with more than 55% arguing that packaging should contain as little plastic as necessary. These days, consumers are aware that cartons can be created through renewable resources, and that they can be recovered more effectively than other materials overall. In further studies, consumers were asked to consider different types of packaging for a product, making their decisions based on creativity, environmental protection capability, the information...

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Roll VS. Shoe Laminators – The Pros & The Cons

When purchasing a two-sided laminating machine, one important consideration is the type of heating system. Many two-sided laminators utilize a Teflon-coated platen heating system, known in the industry as “heat shoes”. This is typically an electrically-heated cylinder-shaped “shoe” with a heating element inside. Laminating film is pulled across these heated areas, at a temperature between 220°F to 300°F, which allows the melting of the adhesive — typically known as EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) — on most common polyester laminate films. Since there is a small gap between the heat source (the shoe) and the bond point (called the nip...

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Sleeking™ & Stamping™ VS Traditional Foil Stamping

Though it may be difficult to detect the difference between Sleeking™ and Foil Stamping, there is a definite distinction between the two methods of applying foil to paper or to a printed piece. Let’s start with definitions: Sleeking™: A special image transfer using pressure and heat that specifically bonds to HP® Digital Ink and some toners on many printed surfaces, allowing the ability to create special effects and designs. Foil Stamping: The application of metallic or pigmented foil onto a solid surface by application of a heated die onto foil, making it permanently adhere to the surface below leaving the design of the...

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