Month: March 2018

Paper Inspiration – Crumpled City Maps

Don’t get me wrong, I love San Francisco. (I’m a designer; it’s in our genes.) But there ARE times when, for two cents, I’d crumple up the city in the palm of my hand, toss it over my shoulder, and walk off muttering a weary “Meh.” And thanks to the folks at Palomar, I can do just that, or at least crumple up a map of the Bay Area…or Paris or Rome or any of more than 50 other cities of the world. “Not to find one’s way around a city does not mean much. But to lose one’s...

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3 Easy Tips To Sell More Film Laminating

1. In the digital workflow, it is very easy to run spec samples… always run 4-5 extra sheets, and laminate with a premium laminate like Karess, and deliver with the client’s job. This alone will sell a huge amount of upgrades. 2. Any softbound book project is an opportunity to offer Nylon laminate film, designed to lay beautifully flat in humid situations, as it is a breathable film. Run a few samples on your next paper-cover book job, and offer the client an easy upgrade package for your next order. 3. Review all of your clients, and look for...

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Paper Inspiration – Sky Bubble Pattern Box

Some people are thankful for living in the age of the smartphone. Me, I’m thankful for living in an age when smartphone packaging looks this cool. Always aiming to be one step ahead of the competition, Korea’s Sky Electronics knows how important packaging is to projecting an image of being ahead of the curve. The box – which began life as packaging for one of their smartphones – is even more sophisticated than it first appears, and that’s all down to the impressive substrate used. A word of warning: If you’re prone to bubble-wrap-popping, the urge to start popping...

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