Month: March 2017

Tips From a Service Technician – Cleaning Nip Rollers the Safe Way

There are five kinds of contaminates that can get on the nip roller. In the article below, we’ll explain what they are and how to clean each one off the rollers. The most common contaminates are adhesives. To clean off adhesives, all paper and film must be removed from the laminator. Be sure the laminator it heated up to operation temp. Run the laminator with the nip closed. This will heat the nip roller, making it easier to clean. Most of the adhesive will transfer to the chrome roller. With the nip roller hot, use imaging oil, odorless mineral...

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Tips From A Service Tech – Roll Tension on 2-Sided Laminating Machines

In many scenarios, more is better, but not always in the world of laminating. Too much of a good thing — in regard to tension on laminating rolls — is counterproductive. Most standard two-sided laminators operate on the principle of equality – it is important that roll tension is equal on both film rolls. If the tension (often controlled by applying more or less pressure onto a spring on one or both ends of the lamination roll feed mandrel) is too high on either the top or bottom roll, the laminated piece will typically curl in that direction. So...

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A Glossary of Laminating & Finishing Terms

ACID FREE A type of laminate that does not contain any type of acid, which can damage paper, photos, and other types of sensitive prints or documents. ADHESIVE IN Also known as A/I, the term “Adhesive In” refers to the EVA or adhesive side (typically cloudy) of the film being wound inside the roll, with the polyester, nylon, or polypropylene side being out. Most thin laminates and 1” core laminates are typically wound “Adhesive In”. ADHESIVE OUT Also known as A/O, the term “Adhesive Out” refers to the EVA or adhesive side (typically cloudy) of the film being wound...

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Zero-Waste Packaging: A Growing, Sustainable Business Practice

Just as waste-conscious consumers are becoming more prevalent these days, sustainability practices have grown popular amongst suppliers and retailers responding to the trend as well. Recyclable materials are beginning to see more traction, with some businesses creating packaging with minimal or no waste at all. It’s no surprise that packaging plays a serious role in the seller-buyer relationship. Packaging displays the brand’s image, and its appearance can ultimately be a deciding factor in a buyer’s decision to purchase. However, while this component is crucial for sales, its lifespan after an item is purchased remains brief. As packaging doesn’t often...

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