Author: Leah Rochat

Personalize the Package – Make it Fly Off the Shelf!

A trend that has evolved out of the ‘me’ generation of the modern-day world is the desire for personalization. With an outlet of social media being constantly used for self-expression, the self trend has greatly increased. From a commercial perspective, let’s take a look at two personalized ad campaigns that recently rocked the marketing and packaging world – Coca-Cola and Oreo. “Taking personalization to an unprecedented level, the campaign became a runaway success…” Coca-Cola has spent 100 years successfully flaunting its iconic red and white bottles. However, in recent years the firm has seen sales of their sweet drinks...

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What machine do I need to do Sleeking™ and SHR?

For Sleeking™ or Silver Halide Replacement (SHR) photo production, the Protopic™ III-540 Dual is an outstanding on-demand laminator. The Protopic™ III-540 Dual Photo features a high-gloss chrome roller for heating and bonding of thermal laminates. The easy-to-use control center features 13 job memory programs for automatic temperature and speed setup on specific jobs. The roller has a highly accurate temperature sensor for heat control. The unit features the Lay and Play™ table for simplified feeding, which automatically adjusts the gap for stock overlap. On the delivery side, the separator (also known as the bursting unit), ensures smooth and seamless...

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Beware of the Magic – How Consumers are Easily Deceived

Packaging is something that will always be used. It has become a way for businesses to grow rapidly and expand their influence globally. If packaging is attractive enough, it simply stands out from its many competitors. This attention-grabbing process is critical for successful marketing. Color, typography, shape, style, innovation and sustainability all have a major effect on consumers’ first impressions and their psychological connections. One-third of consumer purchasing decisions are still based on packaging! “Take a fresh look at each brand, and realize that packaging is trying to cast its spell on you.” By better understanding these packaging tricks...

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Thoughts on Sustainable Packaging

Many consumers look for sustainable packaging that uses recycled and or recyclable materials, because if a business cares enough about the environment, it demonstrates that they probably are more passionate about their product and their people. “It demonstrates they probably are more passionate about their product and their people.” Universal Biopack, a manufacturer in Thailand, has made their packaging out of native natural materials – bamboo and cassava. Both are widely grown crops across Thailand and Universal Biopack have helped the environment in a cost-effective way by utilizing the ‘throw-away‘ aspect of these crops in their packaging. The company,...

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