During these unprecedented times, we are cleaning anything and everything in order to ensure our health and safety.  Did you know your printed graphics can also be cleaned if they are laminated properly?

In lamination terminology, encapsulation is a two-sided lamination where the film is larger than the item it covers, and the edges are sealed. This sealed edge, commonly ¼” to ½” on all sides, is key to being able to clean and sanitize your graphics over and over by using non-abrasive chemicals and cleaners.  Encapsulation protects your image or document on both sides and prevents moisture from entering from the edges.

Typical applications that benefit from encapsulation are menus, retail signage, photo ID cards and instructional and promotional materials. These types of items are handled frequently and benefit from the ability to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Encapsulation is typically done using polyester based films (PET).  PET provides stiffness, strength and is a dimensionally stable substrate that is also waterproof. In addition, PET provides excellent chemical resistance.

Nobelus PlatinumPET® laminate films are an excellent choice for thermal encapsulation. They utilize premium copolymer resins, ensuring outstanding clarity, strength, adhesion and cleanability.  Click here to learn more.