Marketing a product is about more than just the one-time sale. Giving the customer a fully-engaged experience and drawing their attention is key to holding onto their loyalty for future purchases as well. The power of a multi-sensory experience can be a highly successful tool, which is why tactile films are becoming more popular in modern branding techniques.

Multi-sensory packaging can easily be viewed as the packaging of the future, where the look, feel, smell, etc. of a product all work together to engage the customer. Most packaging today only appeals to the visual sense, but there’s a whole new world being developed to start integrating a multi-sensory approach for selling a product.

Research shows that brand impact drives upward nearly 30 percent when the packaging of a product enforces the use of two senses, while it can skyrocket up to 70 percent using three senses or more.

This sense of touch is an innate feeling picked up during early development as children, when nonverbal communication is so vastly important. This feeling, in turn, creates a huge impact on branding, as our minds generally equate ownership with the things we touch. The clarity and authenticity of a product are, therefore, very important in this situation.

Overall, marketers are learning that product packaging can be as important as the item itself. The act of opening a gift or a box from an online purchase can be a full experience in itself, with the anticipation and excitement building before the product is even in the customer’s hands.

This power is an important driver for marketing a brand, and explains why tactile films that provide an added sense of touch are so crucial for modern branding efforts. Learn to incorporate a multisensory approach to packaging that will leave the customer feeling wholly satisfied and wanting more.